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The Easter Bunny versus Jesus

15 April 2014

easterDo you like Easter baskets filled with candy and goodies?

Do you enjoy searching for eggs or hiding them from others?

Do you like to do things that are fun and celebrate special days?

Me too!

There are two sides to Easter. There’s the Easter Bunny side with fun, frolic, gifts, and eggs, and there’s the Christian side with the death of Jesus and His resurrection and special church services. When it comes to the Easter Bunny versus Jesus, what's a good Christian to do? Do we have to choose just one? Does hunting eggs mean that you don’t really love Jesus?


Great Ways for Homeschoolers to Find Friends

07 April 2014

friends5Who out there is homeschooled? I was homeschooled from first grade until I graduated from high school, and one thing that homeschoolers understand is that it is hard to find friends.


Tips for Getting Fit

03 April 2014


scalesHowdy girls! I want to chat today about something that we all struggle with and that is our weight. Too thin? Too chunky? Most of us just don't think we're where we should be.  So before we begin this discussion, please remember to accept yourself as the beautiful person you are without looking at the scale. When you can do that... and only when you can forget about that pesky scale... then we can talk about the touchy subject of weight.

I love myself the way I am, but I would like to be healthier.


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