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Jesus's BFF, James. Willing to Die for His Friend

22 April 2014

jesus comfortsYou've seen it at the movies or maybe on a youtube video gone viral. There she is. That courageous girl who saves her best friend by tackling a samari sword carrying maniac.  She was willing to die for her friend. You watch and think, I'd do that.  I'd take a bullet for my bestie. 

But would you? Would you really?


Why do We Dye Easter Eggs?

18 April 2014

easter eggsEaster is around the corner! I am so excited! I love going to the store and getting some yummy Reese peanut butter eggs. I love Easter and all that you can do at Easter: the Easter egg hunts at church, the candy, the baskets, and my fave - coloring eggs. Every year I buy eggs and a coloring kit and color some eggs. I began to wonder where this tradition came from, and what I found out about Easter eggs surprised me.


The Easter Bunny versus Jesus

15 April 2014

easterDo you like Easter baskets filled with candy and goodies?

Do you enjoy searching for eggs or hiding them from others?

Do you like to do things that are fun and celebrate special days?

Me too!

There are two sides to Easter. There’s the Easter Bunny side with fun, frolic, gifts, and eggs, and there’s the Christian side with the death of Jesus and His resurrection and special church services. When it comes to the Easter Bunny versus Jesus, what's a good Christian to do? Do we have to choose just one? Does hunting eggs mean that you don’t really love Jesus?


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