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Be an Encourager!

16 November 2015

friends3Do you want to have lots of friends? Do you want people to scramble to sit next to you at the lunch table, or stand next to you in the kickball line? Do you want people to light up when you walk into a room and get excited at your very presence?

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes, though, we want others to like us so much, we can make them feel pressured, and no one likes to feel pressured. Sometimes, we think we can impress others by letting them know how important we are, or how much we know. But when we do that, we often end up making them feel put down, like we think we’re better than they are. And when others feel put down or criticized, they probably won’t like us very much.

But when we make the people around us feel good about themselves, they will want to be around us! If your friend misses what seems to be an easy shot in the volleyball game, instead of making her feel bad, tell her, "Good try! You’ll get it next time." If she made a B on the spelling test even after studying for hours, tell her, "Some of those words were really hard. You should feel proud of that B!"


Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

29 October 2015

halloween 640x480

"What are we going to dress up like for Halloween?"

When Samantha asked her new friend, Ashley, this question, she didn't expect Ashley's weird response.  The two friends were walking side by side down the hallway toward the lunch room. Ashley stopped and almost got plowed down by a line of fifth graders rushing into the cafeteria.  If they kept standing there with Ashley staring at her, they were going to end up at the end of the lunch line.  Which wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't pizza day.  The cafeteria always ran out of pizza and those at the end of the line got reheated leftovers from the day before.  If Ashley didn't get moving, they were going to be eating mushy corndogs.


Is Kissing a Boy Wrong Even if You Don't Go Too Far?

27 October 2015

girl kissing toad 

You need to keep in mind that everything you do in a relationship with a boy means something.

Holding someone’s hand, letting them put their arm around your shoulder, allowing them to hug you, and certainly kissing you, all have meaning. Understanding that is very important before you start your first relationship.

Only you can give permission for these things to happen. You don’t want to give these meaningful moments away to just anyone! In many ways, doing one of these, often leads the other person to believe that doing the next is acceptable. But, only you have the right to decide whether or not you will allow someone to share these special moments with you.

In general, there are no specific rules in the Bible about kissing a boy.


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