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Why did God Pick Mary to Be Jesus's Mother?

16 December 2014

ss mary

Why did God choose Mary to be Jesus's mother? I know she was a good person, but there were a lot of other good women around at that time too.  So why Mary? --- Lauren, age 10

That's a good question. When she was chosen, Mary was an ordinary teenaged girl. She hadn't won any beauty contests. She'd never gotten the trophy for best speller. She didn't even have a Nobel Prize.

So why Mary and not someone else? Mary was special because she possessed the qualities God wanted in the mother of his Son: Courage, willingness, and love for God.

Why these particular traits?


Gifts of the Magi - Why Myrrh?

12 December 2014

magi gifts second photoSo let's pretend you're the last of the Wise Men. Your buddies already snatched up the easy baby gifts - gold and frankincense.  Read about those gifts here for gold and here for frankincense. That leaves you with what? Myrhh.

You can't even say it, let alone spell it.  What is this mystery substance and why did it end up on the baby gift list when Jesus was born?


Gifts of the Wise Men - Why Frankincense?

11 December 2014

magi gift frankincenseSo we just pretended you were a wise person on a mission to find the perfect baby gift for a newborn king. Missed it? Check it out here and find out why one one of the Wise Men brought Jesus gold.

So since your Wise Guy friend already took the gold gift idea, what do you do? There has to be some other present that would make a good gift for a newborn.  What do you pick? Red Sox Onesie? Maybe he's not a fan.


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